Chiloe´s Western coast feels like another world.  It is protected by Parque Nacional de Chiloe in the South and Parque Nacional Ahuenco in the North, between them creating a protected area that covers almost two thirds of the West Coast.

Entering from the Northern side you will pass the Sunken Forest, formed when seismic activity in the sixties tore asunder the Chepu Valley, resulting in significant widening of the Chepu River and creating a paradise for bird life.  From the sunken river you must wind through coastal forest, beautiful beaches, cliffs and even past penguin colonies in order to reach the dense old growth forest at the centre of the National Parks that remains near untouched to this day.

On this trip we were greeted with spectacular weather.  We went with our friends Tyler and Emily who were WWOOFing on Alihuen.  Tyler took the opportunity to go for a surf where dolphins frolicked nearby, he may well have been the first person to surf this amazing place.  If you haven´t already been, make Chile your next destination and check out this particularly beautiful part of the world.

This short forms the second part of a small series on aspects of life around Alihuen.  The first examined a street artist by the name of Lalio and can be seen below.  Keep an eye on the Alihuen page for the rest of these pieces as they are released.   The music is by an excellent artist going by the name of Emphemetry.  To hear more of their truly mesmerising music check out their bandcamp page.