Lalio is a Chilean street artist based out of the city of Castro on the island of Chiloe.  Originally from Santiago, he completed studies to become an architect.  As an artist, he now draws inspiration from Chiloe; its history, culture, people and environment.

This piece was undertaken on Alihuen, a conservation and permaculture property owned and managed by Jeroen and his wife Grecia in the Chepu province of Chiloe.

Lalio drew inspiration for this piece from the reforestation projects being undertaken on Alihuen as well as the broader sociocultural and environmental context of the island.

I was lucky enough to be able to use music produced by a friend of mine going by the name of Bird Canyon.  The song is called Straylight and is from an excellent self titled album that I just haven't been able to put down lately, check it out in it's entirety here.  Keep an eye on Bird Canyon as there will be a new album dropping soon, i'm expecting good things.