Boris Mouton // Perisher

Boris Mouton has been visiting downunder for a few weeks from his home base in Switzerland. Check out a few shots of him riding the on point Perisher terrain park this year.

Sound // Midnight Sun - Synkro

Devan Peeters // Perisher

A few shots of Devan Peeters at Perisher while testing out my new gimbal.

Sound // RiZ Feat. Talib Kweli - For The Love (Autograf Remix)

Trash Tribe // Journey

Travelling to Cape York is no easy feat. I went up to clean up Chilli Beach with Clean Coast Collective with an inspiring group of young people. The group included Tangaroa Blue and Conservation Volunteers Australia and between them cleaned up 3.2 tonnes of marine debris totalling no less than 94,000 individual pieces, all of which were counted, sorted and entered into the Australian Marine Debris Database to better understand the problem and created targeted campaigns to reduce plastic consumption. These are just a few shots of vehicles, full doco coming soon from the excellent mind of Sophie Matterson.

Patty Bergman // Perisher

Filmed entirely handheld on iPhone 6 without a steadicam nor post stabilisation as a test.

Flint & Steel Bay // Ku-Ring-Gai National Park

Shot on iPhone (timelapse on Canon 6D), testing out a Lanparte HHG-01 gimbal.

Nightfall // Manly

We went searching for the Aurora Australis the other night, but all we found were clouds and stones. These shots looking towards Dee Why and Manly from Longreef.

Finding Light // Vivid Sydney

The quest for light at Vivid Sydney, 2015. Hyperlapses shot handheld on iPhone 6, timelapses on Canon 6D with 14mm f2.8.

Sydney Storm

A timelapse of one of the large cells (with insane amounts of lightning) that smashed the East Coast of Australia, especially Sydney and the Central Coast, over April 2015. This particular one came South East from Gosford towards Sydney. Worth a watch for the huge lightning storm!

Sound // Rationale - Fast Lane

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Easter weekend 2015 on the East coast of Australia will be remembered for its miserable weather. However, a narrow 24 hour window of sunshine allowed us to get away from sheltered games of cards and trek to a remote waterfall in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park at the Northern end of Sydney. The difficult terrain to gain access and narrow window meant that adventuring took first priority and I didn't get the camera out much, but these quick shots go a little of the way to showing how magical the place was.

Sound // Zella Day - Sacrifice


I took the camera out with us for a few afternoon beverages at Turrimetta Head one pearler of a Friday afternoon. This short was filmed handheld on a Canon 6D w/ 70-200mm and DJI Phantom 2 w/ Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal and customised GoPro Hero 3 Black.

Sound // Jason Derulo - Watcha Say (Noï Remix)

Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve

Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve is an area of approximately 6 hectares that extends from the rocky shore between the southern end of Turimetta Beach and the rock baths at Narrabeen Head to 100m offshore.

Narrabeen Head was declared an Intertidal Protected Area from 1993 to 2002 and remains an important protected area today where we can learn about the conservation of marine and rocky intertidal plant and animal life and the habitats which support them.

The reserve is a great example of the interconnected ecology of coastal ecosystems. Humans affect the reserve both directly through activities such as fishing as well as indirectly from wastewater and runoff that feeds into the drainage basin that ends in nearby Narrabeen Lagoon. The lagoon then meets the ocean at the reserve's edge where these interactions all have an effect the biodiversity within.

You can learn about Narrabeen Head Aquatic Reserve from the Coastal Environment Centre (CEC), a multi-award winning regional community environmental learning centre run by Pittwater Council from nearby Narrabeen Lagoon.

Sound // Let The Beat Speak (For James Yancey) - Tom Misch

Snakes Alive! 2015 Showreel

The ACT Herpetological Association (ACTHA) partnered with the Canberra District Aquarium Society (CDAS) for Snakes Alive! 2015, a week long educational exhibition showcasing a variety of Australian reptiles, amphibians and, for the first time, threatened native fishes.

Members of the public received an exceptional educational experience with the opportunity to learn about reptiles, amphibians and fish in a hands-on way from dedicated volunteer ACTHA and CDAS members.  Funds raised through Snakes Alive! go directly to regional conservation issues such as the Northern and Southern Corroboree Frog breeding programs, grants to assist local university students and projects aimed at furthering herpetofauna protection and recovery, education, training, and research projects.

To learn more visit or to see some of the projects supported through Snakes Alive! visit

The Siren Songs // Like The Night

'Like The Night' is the title track off The Siren Songs 'Like The Night' EP. Filmed at the Nick + Cass Griffiths' wedding reception, the official music video reflects the joy and emotion of their night. Film by ASK Design, edit by Jae Haydon.

You can buy Like The Night on iTunes, make event bookings at Haydon Entertainment and find The Siren Songs on Facebook.

Black Marlin on the Great Barrier Reef

The Black Marlin (Istiompax indica) is one of the largest and fastest bony fish on the planet, reaching speeds of 130km/h and 750kg. They are found throughout tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, however, in Spring, they come to the waters off the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland to spawn.  From September to December Black Marlin can be fished, the vast majority of which are tagged and released.

The Viking II, captained by Billy Billson, started it's 2014 Black Marlin season with one at 200kg at Lena and another at 175kg in the capable hands of Dave 'Bagwah' McPherson.  Here's a quick glimpse at some of the shots from the trip in the scenic surrounds of tropical far north Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef.

Alihuen: An Agrarian Conservation Story

Alihuen means Big Tree in the language of the indigenous Mapuche peoples of Chile. When Jeroen Beuckels decided to settle in the rural Chepu province of Chiloe with his wife Grecia this name was not taken lightly, for the farmland which it would represent has undertaken massive transformation from pasture to thriving forest.

Alihuen is managed using permaculture principles to undertake sustainable organic agriculture while at the same time working towards large scale conservation measures to improve biodiversity and landscape connectivity in the region. They are rapidly approaching 22,000 trees planted on Alihuen and the effects are noticeable - the Pudu, the worlds second smallest deer and a relatively rare and shy creature, are regularly found on the property. Sightings of bird species dependant on connected forest areas have increased as Alihuen begins to form a bridge between the North of Chiloe and the large forested areas of the Chepu river and both Parque Nacional Ahuenco and Chiloe to the South and West.

Alihuen is truly land that connects. A cursory glance demonstrates the obvious improvement in landscape connectivity through the reforestation projects undertaken on Alihuen. However, it is also a case study in sociocultural connectivity as it acts as a conduit and inspiration for artists, students, agrarians, artisans and the community at large.

This thirty minute film aims to promote awareness of some of the conservation issues that are facing the island of Chiloe and through Alihuen provide a case study of the ways in which they can be addressed in a practical and sustainable way and the associated flow-on of environmental and sociocultural benefits that can be achieved.

Atacama de la Luna

One night on the Andean alitplano.

Temperature // -17°C
Elevation // 4300m
Moon //  73%, Waxing Gibbous

Property Chile

Property Chile is an emerging property and real estate consultancy bringing Chilean property to a global market.  This promotional video, along with a series of proof-of-concept promotional videos for individual properties, was produced to aid Property Chile's expansion as a leading internationally focussed real estate agent and broker.

See the promotional videos on the weblog here.

Andean Snow & Surf

The enormous Andes mountain range has been formed by a geological convergence along the Western coast of South America that has given rise to breathtaking peaks within close proximity of the ocean. Nowhere is this more apparent than in central Chile, where it is possible to visit world class snow resorts in the Andes only hours from internationally renowned surfing breaks.

This video was filmed for

Ahuenco & Chiloe National Parks

Chiloe´s Western coast feels like another world.  It is protected by Parque Nacional de Chiloe in the South and Parque Nacional Ahuenco in the North, between them creating a protected area that covers almost two thirds of the West Coast.

Entering from the Northern side you will pass the Sunken Forest, formed when seismic activity in the sixties tore asunder the Chepu Valley, resulting in significant widening of the Chepu River and creating a paradise for bird life.  From the sunken river you must wind through coastal forest, beautiful beaches, cliffs and even past penguin colonies in order to reach the dense old growth forest at the centre of the National Parks that remains near untouched to this day.

On this trip we were greeted with spectacular weather.  We went with our friends Tyler and Emily who were WWOOFing on Alihuen.  Tyler took the opportunity to go for a surf where dolphins frolicked nearby, he may well have been the first person to surf this amazing place.  If you haven´t already been, make Chile your next destination and check out this particularly beautiful part of the world.

This short forms the second part of a small series on aspects of life around Alihuen.  The first examined a street artist by the name of Lalio and can be seen below.  Keep an eye on the Alihuen page for the rest of these pieces as they are released.   The music is by an excellent artist going by the name of Emphemetry.  To hear more of their truly mesmerising music check out their bandcamp page.

Lalio on Alihuen

Lalio is a Chilean street artist based out of the city of Castro on the island of Chiloe.  Originally from Santiago, he completed studies to become an architect.  As an artist, he now draws inspiration from Chiloe; its history, culture, people and environment.

This piece was undertaken on Alihuen, a conservation and permaculture property owned and managed by Jeroen and his wife Grecia in the Chepu province of Chiloe.

Lalio drew inspiration for this piece from the reforestation projects being undertaken on Alihuen as well as the broader sociocultural and environmental context of the island.

I was lucky enough to be able to use music produced by a friend of mine going by the name of Bird Canyon.  The song is called Straylight and is from an excellent self titled album that I just haven't been able to put down lately, check it out in it's entirety here.  Keep an eye on Bird Canyon as there will be a new album dropping soon, i'm expecting good things.

Chilote Telar // Chilote Weaving

Grecia is a traditional weaver from the province of Chiloe, a large island off the coast of Chile. Hear Grecia´s story of how and why she chose to continue using Chilote weaving methods and pursue her interests as a traditional artesan.

Cerro Ballena: Aoni Tem, a new venture in Avitourism

Cerro Ballena forms the picturesque backdrop to the coastal town of Puerto Natales in Patagonian Chile.  Its position, nestled within stunning fjords, allows for crystal clear views in all directions, from the southern ice field to lagoons, glaciers, forest, moore, grasslands, alps and everything in-between. Coupled with a wide array of wildlife, including Andean Condors that inquisitively fly to within metres, Cerro Ballena is an experience not to be missed.

We recently had the good fortune to document this incredible natural place for a new avitourism enterprise by the name of Aoni Tem, visit them to learn more about this fascinating part of the world.

Postcard from Patagonia: Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdes & Punta Loma

The coast of Patagonia in Argentina's Chubut province is rugged, starkly beautiful and at first glance, desolate.  However a closer look reveals a landscape teeming with life both on land and at sea.  My partner Carla and I are lucky enough to be travelling through this landscape right now, here is a short video post card from the area, you can also see photographs and our thoughts on the area in the blog.

Aerial Cinematography Highlight Reel

A short demonstration of aerial cinematography using the DJI Phantom 2 and Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal with a GoPro Hero 3 Black.


An examination of space.  This video was made to test out a DIY linear slider motor i've been working on that will do both normal and timelapse speeds with variable speed control and USB power.  You can read more about the process here.

Australia Day | Hottest 100 | Twenty Fourteen

The Hawkesbury River nearly encircles Sydney and is fed by a catchment area of more than 21K square kilometres.  We celebrated the Hottest 100 with Triple J on its banks in the Windsor region, making the most of the Hawkesbury and it's beautiful rural surrounds.

Lake Jindabyne & Surrounds

An exploration of Lake Jindabyne, New South Wales, during the cooler months of the year, this video was aired regularly on Snowy Mountains TV during the winter of 2012. 

Chelodina longicollis: an urban story

Support of the ACT Herpetological Association (I manage the web / public interface for the Association) keeps me inclose contact with the urban coalface of the herpetofauna / human interface.  Learn a little about an interesting success story in urban North Canberra.

The Thorny Devil: An Introduction

This short educational video was prepared using footage captured from animals in the fragmented wheatbelt region of South Australia in Pinkawillanie Conservation Park.

Eastern Brown Snake Cannibalism

This educational video was prepared using footage submitted to the ACT Herpetological Association during my time as Secretary of the organisation.

Everyday Weekend

A snowboarding video for the Coca Cola Tube My Ride competition.