From Puerto Montt to Chiloe / by ASK Design

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt.  It rained pretty much the whole time we were there, which wasn't long.  Not really its fault.  It's the gateway to Chiloe, a large island off the coast, which is where we were headed.

Fish markets - I felt it was reminiscent of Spirited Away.

Ancud, Chiloe

Ancud is the main city at the top of the long north-south island of Chiloe.  We passed through on our way to Chepu, a small province about one third of the way down the island.  Ancud, is actually quite nice, and if you get the chance you should definitely try to explore the north western side of the bay.

Turkey vultures grapple for space near the dock at Ancud, Chiloe.

Alihuen, Chepu

Alihuen is a property owned and managed by Jeroen and his wife Grecia in Chepu province on the island of Chiloe.  They manage the land using permaculture principles to live off the land as independently as possible while also putting in great effort to improve the conservation values of both the property and the surrounding region by undertaking numerous reforestation projects to improve forest connectivity in the area.   They are rapidly approaching 22,000 trees planted and the effects are noticeable - the Pudu, the worlds second smallest deer and a relatively rare and shy creature, are regularly found on the property.  Sightings of bird species dependant on connected forest areas have increased as Alihuen begins to form a bridge between the large forested areas of the Chepu river and Parque Nacional Ahuenco to the South.  

Carla and I have been lucky enough to be invited to spend time on and around Alihuen and will be finishing a number of short films on local artists, wild places and conservation work in the near future, so stay tuned.   

A humble bumblebee goes pauses on its route.

The daily buzz.

Female Pudu, the worlds second smallest deer.  While normally shy, this one lay down in front of me to have a nap!  Photographed on Alihuen, where reforestation projects have resulted in a steady increase in Pudu numbers on the property.

Male Pudu on Alihuen.

View from the associated waters of the Chepu river where it takes its leave for the ocean.

Winter on Chiloe brings regular rain.

The west coast from the mouth of the Chepu River.

Tyler getting started on another planting on Alihuen.

The beginning of one of Grecia's traditional weaving pieces using hand dyed locally produced wool from natural materials, in this case, onion.  Alihuen, Chiloe.